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Your Link to Muskoka's Water!


Lake Data
How healthy are our lakes?

This is where you'll find Muskoka Data collected by The District Municipality of Muskoka through the Lake System Health Program for many of the lakes in Muskoka.

This is also where you will find Ministry of Natural Resources fact sheets summarizing MNR Data for Parry Sound and Muskoka area lakes.

  • Lake Partner Program - A province-wide, volunteer-based water quality monitoring program from the Ministry of the Environment.
  • The Atlas of Canada - An online atlas with a collection of maps and related information about Canada.
  • Canadian Water Network - An organization that connects Canadian and international water researchers with decision-makers engaged in priority water management issues. 


DMM Recreational Water Quality Data
Water quality, shoreline development and benthic monitoring data collected through Muskoka's Lake System Health Monitoring Program.

MNR Fisheries Data
Ministry of Natural Resources lake-specific fisheries management information and fish stocking lists.

Canadian Water Network
A collaborative monitoring program in the Muskoka River Watershed funded in part by the Canadian Water Network.