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Your Link to Muskoka's Water!



What is Stewardship?

terrestrialStewardship means to take good care of something. It requires sound planning and informed choices to ensure continuous improvement in environmental, health, and safety and social performance. With the responsible and careful use of the natural environment around us we can become good stewards of Muskoka.

Stewardship can also be a personal commitment to care for your land, sustaining or enhancing it for the enjoyment of future generations. Stewardship programs encourage landowners to manage their lands in ways that maintain, restore or enhance the diversity of native plants and wildlife.


Why is Watershed Stewardship Important?

Watershed stewardship involves understanding and respecting the interrelatedness of the watershed. It will provide significant benefits for current and future generations.

Maintaining a natural balance in the watershed reduces the likelihood of environmental deterioration and the need for expensive remedial action plans. In the long run, proper stewardship is cost effective with economic and environmental savings in the preservation of our natural watershed.

Stewardship is the best insurance policy a landowner can have to ensure long-term protection of the investment made in shoreline property.


Lake Plans
Identify and protect the physical, environmental and social values of your lake.

Lake Associations
Organizations actively working to protect our water resources.

District Municipality of Muskoka
Protecting Muskoka's water resources through its various departments.

Muskoka Water Strategy
A framework developed to protect Muskoka's water resources.

Muskoka Watershed Council
A volunteer-based organization that champions watershed health.

Muskoka Heritage Areas
Areas of historical, geological, archaeological, scenic or biological value.

Stewardship Organizations
Resources to help you become a good environmental steward.