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A watershed is a dynamic and complex web of natural resources, including soil, water, plants and animals. It is also where we live, work and play.

Features of a watershed include physical features such as size, terrain and soil type as well as social-economic features such as population, industry and water uses.Muskoka River Watershed

There are many interconnections and relationships between human activities on land and what happens to water and subsequently to the organisms that use water.

The watershed must be managed to protect and preserve the natural features important to our society and to ensure that our continued use of them is sustainable.


What is a Watershed?
How is everything connected in a watershed?

Geology & Ecology
The soils, vegetation and wildlife characteristic of Muskoka's Watersheds.

Muskoka's Watersheds
Learn about Muskoka's 4 primary and 17 secondary watersheds.

Species at Risk
What Species at Risk call Muskoka's Watersheds home?