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Muskoka River Water Management Plan

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 Muskoka River Water Management Plan





Checking Water Levels on Your Lake 

NEW! Muskoka GeoHub's Floodline and LiDAR Mapping application now features a water level station layer that shows the water levels in Muskoka in real time! That means you can check the water levels in Muskoka right from your own home. Water levels are updated daily using information from Natural Resources Canada. 

The MNRF participates in a cost sharing program with Environment Canada to maintain automatic water level monitoring stations on many of the larger lakes in the district. These stations are part of the Real-Time Hydrometric Network. This information can be accessed for the lakes listed below at The Government of Canada - Water Office Real-Time Hydrometric Data.

Click on the link above and obtain the current water level value for the lake you are interested in. You must then add a unique conversion factor to the water level value obtained in order to determine the ACTUAL water level reading (elevation above sea level, in meters) for each lake. Actual water level values can then be compared to the annual lake operating plan chart of interest.

Add the Conversion Factor to the water level value from the Real -Time Water Level Network to determine the actual water level reading for one of the seven lakes listed.

Water Level Monitoring Station

Conversion Factor

  Fairy Lake (part of Huntsville Lakes Chart) 277.290
  Go Home Lake near Potters Landing 0.0000
  Kawagama Lake 346.085
  Lake Muskoka at Beaumaris 215.950
  Lake of Bays at Baysville 304.841
  Lake Rosseau at Port Carling 217.120
  Mary Lake at Port Sydney 272.066








A number of smaller lakes are not part of the real-time water level network. The MNRF has built partnerships with cottager associations and volunteers to provide water level readings on their lake. These partnerships benefit both the MNRF and the shoreline landowners.


Muskoka River Water Management Plan
Learn about water management planning and view the MRWMP report.

Muskoka River Watershed
View maps and schematics of water control structures in the Muskoka River Watershed.

Water Levels Throughout the Year
How are water levels managed during different seasons?

Operating Regime & Daily Procedures
View a typical Annual Lake Operating Plan and download the Annual Operating Plan for your lake.

Checking Water Levels on Your Lake
Use data from the Real-Time Water Level Netowrk to calculate the water level on your lake.



Contact Information

For more information on the Muskoka River Water Management Plan, please contact:

Parry Sound District Water Management Department
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
1350 High Falls Road
Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1W9
Phone: (705) 645-8747



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