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Muskoka Water Strategy

The Muskoka Water Strategy is a framework to protect Muskoka's water resources. The District Municipality of Muskoka spearheads the Strategy with the support of the Muskoka Watershed Council and with the involvement of a wide variety of organizations, agencies and stakeholders.


Muskoka Water Strategy's Focus

The focus of the Muskoka Water Strategy is to connect and enhance existing water monitoring programs, develop relationships to share resources and encourage greater community involvement in water related issues in Muskoka.

The strategy is based on the following goals and principles:

  • Cover and include all of Muskoka and its watersheds
  • Be dynamic, flexible and responsive to change
  • Build relationships and engage the community
  • Respond with our heads and our hearts on water related issues
  • Encourage and implement effective use of Muskoka's water
  • Share resources among other organizations

The four main components of the Muskoka Water Strategy are:

    1. Lake System Health
    2. Muskoka Watershed Council
    3. Communications
    4. Broader Water Initiatives


Lake System Health

The Muskoka Water Strategy will enhance the current monitoring programs that have been monitoring recreational water quality for over twenty years. Monitoring Muskoka's water with many partners including lake associations, provincial agencies and universities will promote stewardship and make the data more available to the public. A database is also in place to receive and manage monitoring data to ensure easy access to lake data.

The broad objective is to develop partners to share the responsibility of collecting data for the benefit of individuals, associations, businesses, and government agencies.


Muskoka Watershed Council

The primary role of the Muskoka Watershed Council is to promote watershed health through public awareness. The Council has a key role in promoting watershed stewardship and education through their "grass roots" program. Please see the Muskoka Watershed Council page of this website and the main Muskoka Watershed Council website for more information.



This component is aimed at improving communication between all of the water stakeholders and involving the community in local water-related issues. It aims for open and easily accessible information on how to get involved in water quality monitoring programs and clarifying agency jurisdiction on common water matters.

The Muskoka Water Web is a key method for providing this information to the public. This website is dedicated to all water-related issues and activities in Muskoka. The Muskoka Water Web:

  • Provides information based on common water questions.
  • Provides an accessible method for displaying and publicizing the water quality monitoring program data.
  • Encourages a "Water Smart" lifestyle.

Please help us keep it relevant and up to date. If you have local information or data that should be included on this site please contact us.


Broader Water Initiatives

There are many organizations and agencies, including the District Municipality of Muskoka, that are involved in the management and protection of the water resources of Muskoka.

Some of these initiatives include the District Municipality of Muskoka's programs such as:

Programs at the Area Municipal levels include:

Joint programs include work with

Input into other programs include the

Provincial initiatives include:

Taking an active role in these programs can provide a way to share information and resources, while accomplishing the common goal of protecting our water resources.