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Muskoka River Water Management Plan

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 Muskoka River Water Management Plan





Operating Regime & Daily Procedures 

On a daily basis, Ministry of Natural Resources water control technicians in Parry Sound District collect, compile and analyze water levels, flows and other environmental information on a number of watersheds including the Muskoka River.

Once all of the information has been collected and evaluated, water control operations are scheduled at locations where they are needed most. Water control technicians alter levels and flows by placing or removing control stop logs from dams depending on the seasonal objectives identified in the MRWMP and respective Annual Lake Operating Plans.

An example of a typical Annual Operating Plan for a lake within the Muskoka River watershed is illustrated below.

Typical Operating Plan 

The range of water levels between the yellow lines represents the seasonal Normal Operating Range. This is the range of water levels that dam operators are required to stay within under normal watershed conditions. However during high flow or drought periods, water levels may go over or under the Normal Operating Range.

The Preferred Operating Level is represented by the green line. Dam operations are conducted in a manner to best achieve these seasonal levels as watershed conditions permit. Extreme high water (flood) and low water (drought) conditions are represented by the upper and lower red lines.


Annual Operating Plans

To view the Annual Operating Plan for your lake, click on the lake name below:

Lakes within the Muskoka River Watershed


Lakes outside of the Muskoka River Watershed


Muskoka River Water Management Plan
Learn about water management planning and view the MRWMP report.

Muskoka River Watershed
View maps and schematics of water control structures in the Muskoka River Watershed.

Water Levels Throughout the Year
How are water levels managed during different seasons?

Operating Regime & Daily Procedures
View a typical Annual Lake Operating Plan and download the Annual Operating Plan for your lake.

Checking Water Levels on Your Lake
Use data from the Real-Time Water Level Netowrk to calculate the water level on your lake.



Contact Information

For more information on the Muskoka River Water Management Plan, please contact:

Parry Sound District Water Management Department
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
1350 High Falls Road
Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1W9
Phone: (705) 645-8747



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