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Your Link to Muskoka's Water!


Stewardship Organizations 


Nature Canada

nc logoNature Canada's mission is to conserve and protect nature, Canada's natural diversity of plant and animal species and their environment. On this site you can find information on endangered species, parks and protected areas, nature watch programs and what you can do locally to become a steward of nature.

They work to protect entire landscapes and whole ecosystems so that all wildlife-common and rare, plants and animals-are protected for the benefit of Canadians.

Nature Canada operates under these guiding principles:

  • Humans are an integral part of nature. We are dependent on and kindred to its diverse forms. By protecting nature, we protect and enrich ourselves.
  • Protection of nature requires a strong commitment to environmentally responsible living, in every person's daily activities.
  • Their strategies for protecting nature are based on sound science, ecological knowledge, and a passion for nature.
  • They are committed to regular networking, effective communications, and coordinated action on issues of national significance with naturalists and others who care about nature.


Environment Canada: Take Action for the Environment

lfflEnvironment Canada's Take Action for the Environment website provides a place to share information and successes, find answers to your questions, network with others, discover organizations involved and become a part of the environmental learning and sustainability movement in Canada.


Stewardship Canada

The Stewardship Canada Network is a federal government site that supports organizations with information and useful contact links.

You can find:

  • A searchable Directory of over 300 organizations that support stewards and their projects throughout Canada.
  • A searchable and expanding self-registry service identifying Stewardship Organizations in Canada. You can add (or edit) your organization, or locate others with similar interests, in your community, or across the country.
  • A searchable, annotated, and expanding self-registry service of over 300 stewardship web resources submitted by users and administrators from across the country.
  • A searchable, and expanding self-registry catalogue of 256 stewardship projects that provides a great resource for sharing and reporting of project information. You can add your own project and experience to this knowledge database.
  • A variety of Case Studies similar to Demonstration Projects. This service provides more detailed information and review about stewardship projects.
  • The Stewardship Series and Streamkeepers publications including PDF files and options for downloading, printing, or ordering copies.
  • A summary of Stewardship Forums such as the Voluntary Sector Initiative and current forums.


Ontario Stewardship

os logoOntario Stewardship is a model developed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to empower people to take part in stewardship activities in their own communities. The Ontario Stewardship Network establishes a connection with various organizations and encourages an ecosystem approach. It also provides links to many local stewardship organizations.

The program sets out to improve stewardship of our natural resources, to create a collaborative resource management model, and to implement a model of influence.


Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

cswCentre for Sustainable Watersheds is a resource for individuals, lake associations and other community water stewardship groups who are interested in protecting and conserving lakes and watercourses across Canada. They have developed a number of tools to help share information and build capacity so that communities can play a larger role in ensuring sustainable use of shared resources.


LandOwner Resource Centre

The LandOwner Resource Centre assists landowners by providing them with the information they need to make wise, informed decisions for their property. They provide quick, efficient and user-friendly service to find appropriate landowner resources.

This site includes information on:

  • forestry
  • agriculture
  • wildlife
  • water
  • soil
  • land management issues


Muskoka Conservancy

mhfIn January 2013 the Muskoka Conservancy was born out of the amalgamation of the Muskoka Heritage Foundation and Muskoka Heritage Trust. While their name has changed, their mission is the same – "To nurture, conserve, and protect Muskoka's natural and built heritage for future generations!"

What they do:

  • Currently holds over 1,800 acres of land and 34,000 feet of shoreline in 33 nature reserves and conservation easements.
  • Encourages environmentally responsible behaviour through public awareness programs, annual awards and shoreline restoration projects.
  • Promotes sound environmental practices such as wetland protection, dark sky initiatives and the planting of indigenous trees and shrubs.
  • Supports built and cultural heritage across Muskoka through the work of their Built and Cultural Heritage committee. The committee works to put on the Summer Cottage Tour as well as helps the ACO Muskoka host Doors Open and recognizes individuals and properties with their Stewardship awards at the Annual General Meeting.


Muskoka Watershed Council

mwc logoThe Muskoka Watershed Council is committed to the enhancement of the health and sustainability of those watersheds lying partially or totally within the District Municipality of Muskoka.

 On this site you can find:


Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation

The Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation is a community-based, non-profit organization committed to protecting the natural, built and cultural heritage of Lake of Bays, covering the Township of Lake of Bays. The Foundation's activities focus on the long term, with a view to preserving the natural heritage for future generations.


Muskoka Lakes Association

mla logoThe Muskoka Lakes Association has a long-term committment on behalf of the community to monitor, protect and enhance the environmental resourses of the Muskoka Lakes area. The Water Quality Initiative (WQI), dating back to 2000, is a formal scientifically-based monitoring program that complements monitoring programs of other agencies.


Georgian Bay Association

The Georgian Bay Association works with water-based communities and other stakeholders to ensure stewardship of the greater Georgian Bay environment and to promote the quiet enjoyment of its diverse and finite spaces. The Georgian Bay Land Trust purchases and maintains significant properties and provides education about environmental issues.


Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

gbbrGBBR Inc. is a non-profit organization that works through partnerships to balance conservation with sustainable economic development. They accomplish their work by networking with conservation organizations, community groups, as well as the educational and scientific communities located in the region. The website contains many resources for educators as well as an extensive section on Species at Risk.


Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations

focaFOCA is a non-profit, voluntary organization representing over 500 Ontario cottagers' associations. FOCA acts as an information centre and provides assistance and leadership on many vital issues affecting cottage properties.

On this site you can find:

  • Information on their various cottage programs including DockTalk, Cottage Watch, and Cottage Choice
  • Current news and upcoming events
  • Information on FOCA Committees and the roles they play in your area
  • Newsletters and links to their resource center

They provide representation, assistance and leadership to and for cottagers' associations on issues affecting their interests, and to encourage good environmental stewardship.

Their priorities are:

  • To provide a forum for Ontario's cottagers to work together on common issues
  • To communicate FOCA's concerns and positions effectively to all cottagers
  • To preserve Ontario's natural environment
  • To achieve fair property and education tax systems for Ontario's cottagers
  • To ensure sound land-use planning policies are implemented locally and provincially
  • To promote safe recreational boating

Contact your local Cottagers' Association for more stewardship programs relating to your area.