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22 October 2012
Annual Update Workshop


Location: Nipissing University - Muskoka Campus, Bracebridge




CWN Canadian Watershed Research Consortium Management Process
Janice Levangie (CWN Program Coordinator)

A geographic template for cumulative-effects assessment in the Muskoka River Watershed
Rachel Plewes (MSc, Carleton University)
(PI: Murray Richardson)

Assessing and modelling cumulative effects on biological communities
Chris Jones (PhD, Laurentian University)
(PIs: John Gunn & John Bailey)

Establishment of biological baselines in the Muskoka River Watershed and development of a diatom index for assessing lake and riverine health
Mark MacDougall (MSc, University of Waterloo)
(PIs: Andrew Paterson, Roland Hall & Jennifer Winter)

Hydro-climatic change in the Muskoka River Watershed
Jason Kerr (Post-doctoral fellow, Trent University)
(PIs: Catherine Eimers & Huaxia Yao)

Spatial and temporal controls on phosphorus export at Dickie Lake catchments
Kieran Pinder (MSc, Trent University)
(PIs: Catherine Eimers & Shaun Watmough)

Effects of Multiple Stressors on Chloride Ecotoxicological Thresholds for Daphniids in Soft-water Northern Ontario Lakes
Arran Brown (MSc, York University)
(PI: Norman Yan)

Establishing sustainable harvesting intensities in the MRW to sustain critical calcium levels in lakes
Carolyn Reid (MSc, Trent University)
(PI: Shaun Watmough & Julian Aherne)

Long-term changes in lake nutrient stoichiometry: effects on plankton productivity and species composition
Samaneh Gholami (PhD, York University)
(PIs: Jöerg Grigull & Norman Yan)

Evaluation and application of models: forecasting the water quality of the Muskoka Watershed under a changing future
Jill Crossman (Post-doctoral researcher, Trent University)
(PI: Peter Dillon)

Evaluation and application of SWAT model to surface waters in the Muskoka River Watershed
(PIs: April James & Huaxia Yao)

Controls on algal blooms and predictive modeling of bloom occurrence in the Muskoka River Watershed
Anurani Persaud (Post-doctoral researcher, Trent University)
(PIs: Peter Dillon, Andrew Paterson & Jennifer Winter)

Managing cumulative effects in the Muskoka River Watershed: Monitoring, research and predictive modeling - Team wrap-up
Catherine Eimers (Research Team Leader)